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intonation / интонация, зачин, модуляция
имя существительное
intonation, tone, inflection, inflexion
modulation, inflexion, cadence, inflection, control, intonation
произнесение нараспев
пение речитативом
имя существительное
the rise and fall of the voice in speaking.
she spoke English with a German intonation
accuracy of pitch in playing or singing, or on a stringed instrument such as a guitar.
poor woodwind intonation at the opening
the opening phrase of a plainsong melody.
The Largo is done broadly and is less nostalgic than tragic; some suspect intonation from the wind choir reduces the music's power somewhat.
Yeah, it's not a question, but rising intonation makes it one.
The horn keeps everybody honest in their intonation .
This album is very natural sounding, with 12 pure singers who have remarkable accuracy of intonation , performing traditional arrangements.
Don't start with the Second or Third Concertos, which are marred by sour intonation from the French musicians.
His intonation and faux-elitist accent made the dialogue much more amusing.
Characteristic is his perfect intonation and breath management as well as excellent phrasing and imaginative use of ornaments when he confronts difficult trills head-on.
Your delivery, intonation , diction and fluency are all wrong, and you remind me of someone who hangs about on street corners, opening your jacket and trying to sell people things.
The training must include intense and particular attention to pronunciation, intonation and enunciation.
Such features as pitch or intonation , rhythm and tone are the first elements to be distinguishable.