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intolerance / нетерпимость, непереносимость
имя существительное
intolerance, impatience
имя существительное
unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one's own.
a struggle against religious intolerance
an intolerance of dissent
In this process the human proteins are inactivated and agglomerates are formed which may be the cause of the observed intolerance to the injection solutions.
Indeed, while the evidence is thin, it suggests that evangelical schools promote higher levels of civic engagement but also greater intolerance .
It is a Muslim society that challenges stereotypes of Muslim puritanism, narrowness, and intolerance .
Only that link can effect the enormous changes needed and thwart the dark forces of intolerance that today threaten the fragile freedoms of the South.
he may have a food intolerance to dairy products
If you fail all the allergy tests, than a food intolerance is probably to blame.
This insulin suppression testing was intended to identify the one third of the population who were most insulin resistant and most likely to develop glucose intolerance and cardiovascular disease.
he may have a food intolerance to dairy products
People are killing each other because of bigotry, fanaticism and prejudice, so why are we adding to the burden of intolerance ?