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intolerable / невыносимый, нестерпимый, недопустимый
имя прилагательное
unbearable, insufferable, intolerable, unendurable, impossible, insupportable
intolerable, insufferable, unendurable, insupportable, past all bearing, beyond all bearing
inadmissible, impermissible, intolerable, unallowable, forbidden, irremissible
имя прилагательное
unable to be endured.
the intolerable pressures of his work
Meanwhile, the Dental Hospital in Glasgow is under intolerable strain, with huge waiting lists.
The dread in the Baroque originated with the intolerable idea of a body without a soul.
The intolerable delay is partly to blame, undermining witness testimony.
But the fact that she lost the argument simply by being such an intolerable fool shows just how hated she is in the house.
Defeat would be hard to endure, but another rotten display would be intolerable .
To admit that an opponent might be both honest and intelligent is felt to be intolerable .
Between us and America there is nothing but water, a mighty sea, whose waves are always raging and intolerable .
The person suffering from intolerable pain always approaches a dentist for treatment.
I am not one easily scared or intimidated and neither was my husband but as time went on the situation became intolerable .
It is the ugliness that is intolerable to look at, that turns you to stone or salt.