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intimidate / запугивать, пугать, устрашать
intimidate, bully, cow, browbeat, bluff, daunt
frighten, scare, panic, fright, intimidate, alarm
intimidate, daunt, appal, appall
frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.
he tries to intimidate his rivals
Our country is still the target of terrorists who want to kill many and intimidate us all.
The running dogs of the masculinist oppressors will never intimidate me!
She had been in here far too many times to allow the darkness to intimidate her in any way.
No amount of threats will intimidate or frighten us off our path for fairness and justice.
Don't let politicians or the media browbeat you, intimidate you or lie about you.
the forts are designed to intimidate the nationalist population
These are designed to intimidate you back to work before you start.
he tries to intimidate his rivals
I can't say that the bullying didn't occasionally get to me, but I didn't let them intimidate me.
A gang of six teenagers intimidated him and his friends before demanding his mobile phone.