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intimate / интимный, близкий, тесный
имя прилагательное
intimate, close, familiar, heart-to-heart
close, near, intimate, familiar, nearby, nigh
close, narrow, tight, intimate, poky, confined
имя существительное
близкий друг
close friend, familiar, crony, intimate, hail-fellow
notify, inform, advise, announce, advertise, intimate
ставить в известность
intimate, cause to be informed
hint, allude, insinuate, suggest, tip off, intimate
имя прилагательное
closely acquainted; familiar, close.
intimate friends
private and personal.
going into intimate details of his sexual encounters
(of knowledge) detailed; thorough.
an intimate knowledge of the software
imply or hint.
he had already intimated that he might not be able to continue
имя существительное
a very close friend.
his circle of intimates
But the lesbian scene can feel crushingly claustrophobic, with people knowing the intimate details of your life before they've even met you.
Most importantly, we'll be able to enhance our biological intelligence with non-biological intelligence through intimate connections.
When he's not traveling, which he does frequently, Henry can be found hanging out in the studio where the warm and intimate setting is enhanced with the sounds of jazz.
Even there, Adam created a trio of sisters whose emotional interplay betrays an intimate knowledge of twisted sibling diplomacy.
Although she refuses to discuss intimate details of her personal life, her music itself is autobiographical.
Then Cady has to make intimate friends - leapfrogging rank and precedence with miraculous speed - with the villainesses of the piece.
It should have come as no surprise that Berger and Schröder were on intimate terms.
Examples include finding yourself wandering by a dual carriageway at 5am, or finding yourself snogging someone with no idea how you got onto intimate terms with them.
They have intimate connections with banks in all kinds of daily ways.
There, he was to spend 22 years as a fitter of escalators, a job which he knew inside out and excelled at through his intimate knowledge of the business.