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intimacy / близость, интимность, тесная связь
имя существительное
proximity, vicinity, closeness, affinity, intimacy, nearness
intimacy, intimity
тесная связь
имя существительное
close familiarity or friendship; closeness.
the intimacy between a husband and wife
It could not be more clear that research must be conducted on the relative status of sexual intimacy in the minds of persons engaged in different kinds of procreative activity.
As a matter of fact, sex is affirmed by sociologists as a source of pleasure and shared intimacy between husband and wife.
These were ingenious tactics that created an atmosphere of intimacy - and produced an ultimate irony.
Sharing your shortcomings creates intimacy and fosters close relationships.
These results suggest that stereotypes of older persons as not interested in sexual intimacy are wrong.
There were times when it was hard, when one or other of us would be crying out for more, be it moving in, or more often a cry for the delights of sexual intimacy .
Beth believed those women were deluded, but nevertheless, she saw how intimacy between two people was never quite erased.
We have found that this method leads to terrific solutions that we both ‘buy into’ and which further increase the trust and intimacy between us.
The single dancing flame in the center of the table created an atmosphere of intimacy .
The cheeky, Spanish gig-a-long ‘A Minha Menina’ injected some needed intimacy into the atmosphere with a throng of dancers and not a mosh pit in sight.