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interweave / вплетать, переплетать, воткать
weave, interweave, entwine, thread, inweave, intervolve
bind, intertwine, interlace, interweave, bound, intertwist
interweave, inweave
weave or become woven together.
the rugs are made by tightly interweaving the strands
As I walked along the paths that interweave amongst the foliage I came upon something I had never seen there before.
Jonkers Street was already crowded with vehicles and pedestrians, which seemed to interweave without touching each other.
Mark stood facing the camera, while I had my fingers interwoven and perched on his shoulder, standing slightly off to his side.
With such a brilliant set piece, you can envisage where the comedy comes from, but as in the first play, any humour is interwoven with the power of real drama.
The fact is that the settlement of the West was closely interwoven with the evolution of arms technology in America.
The voice of the client, her narration, is interwoven with the theoretical discussion.
Nonetheless, the lives of fishermen are interwoven with the sea.
Closely interwoven with this belief is their intuition that in the country there lies a potent source of inspiration and imagery that they as artists should not ignore.
So deeply and often invisibly is religion interwoven with tradition here, few are predicting an easy ride ahead.
But instead of neatly-folded hosiery, out comes a congealed mass of tightly interwoven tights, socks, bras and assorted accessories.