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intervocalic / интервокальный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
occurring between vowels.
in intervocalic position
On the pronunciation front: tighty and tidy get to be the same in pronunciation in American English via intervocalic flapping, which plays a role in a large number of reinterpretations, and plain spelling errors too.
Scores for only two of the eight variables of the study are given here: refers to the absence of intervocalic th in words such as mother, and refers to the frequency of a low vowel in words such as peck, which then merges with pack.
South Indians tend to geminate voiceless intervocalic obstruents, as in ‘Americ-ca’.
In compounds like Sugihara there is, and has been, variation as to what counts as intervocalic position.
Consonant cluster reduction and intervocalic /t/ voicing, however, are better indicators of speech patterns, for they are far less likely than negative contraction to be regulated by a style policy.
In that tradition, written ‘h’ is not pronounced except intervocalically , where it is pronounced /k /; thus mihi is [miki].