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intervention / вмешательство, интервенция, посредничество
имя существительное
intervention, interference, interposition, interposal
intervention, armed intervention
mediation, intermediation, agency, intercession, medium, intervention
имя существительное
the action or process of intervening.
they are plants that grow naturally without human intervention
This military intervention was sharply opposed from the beginning by the Polish people.
the administration was reported to be considering military intervention
Underlying this was a fear of French intervention in Irish affairs.
Does the goal of defending or developing democracy justify military intervention and occupation of a country?
Surgical intervention is required at the earliest sign of an abscess.
Lack of medical intervention can lead to disability, pain, and reduced functioning.
I think we have to be concerned that we could have too much overkill, in terms of military intervention .
On my campus, there have been debates about whether any military intervention can be defended.
We have to build a movement that demands an end to the war and an end to US imperialist intervention in the region.
a high degree of state intervention in the economy