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interval / интервал, промежуток, перерыв
имя существительное
interval, spacing, span, gap, space, interspace
interval, gap, space, lapse, distance, interspace
break, interruption, pause, interval, rest, intermission
имя существительное
an intervening time or space.
after his departure, there was an interval of many years without any meetings
a pause; a break in activity.
an interval of mourning
a space between two things; a gap.
There was nothing in the four feet wide gap but windowless knobbed doors spaced at even intervals ; none of them had a label in which to portray the doors' purposes.
a component of activity in interval training.
use one day a week for short, sprint intervals
Shortly after the interval the long ball almost bore fruit.
The interval illuminated a match which travelled fast but went nowhere.
They were unfortunate not to have held the lead at the interval , after matching the lively home side in most aspects of play.
In less than 15 minutes of play either side of the interval they had conceded 22 points to the reigning world champions without managing a reply.
Thanks also to the ladies committee of the Castlerea St. Kevin's Club for the hospitality and reception during the match interval .
The match continued to be evenly contested after the interval and played mainly in midfield.
But if that goal seconds before the interval left the game poised on a knife edge it was nothing compared to what followed in the opening 13 minutes of the second period.
Farmers have laboured all hours this week in a bid to recover their harvest in an interval of unexpected dry weather and glorious sunshine.
No sign of what was to follow after the interval as our fellows matched, and sometimes bettered, the visitors in a lively and very entertaining first half.
But a few times before the interval they almost conceded.