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intertwine / переплетаться, закручиваться, переплетать
intertwine, interlace, intertwist, inosculate
intertwine, intertwist
bind, intertwine, interlace, interweave, bound, intertwist
twist or twine together.
a net made of cotton intertwined with other natural fibers
The connections between the roots and shoots can be hard to see, because even as they are separate from each other, they overlap and intertwine with other roots and shoots.
I feel a hand slide down my arm and fingers intertwine with mine, and I look over to see Amanda standing beside me.
I felt his fingers intertwine with mine for the second time that day.
She also tries to ignore the constant memories of her mother, which again intertwine with her social consciousness.
Dickens has been very clever to intertwine all these aspects and ideas
These irregular metal components encourage bony ingrowth, allowing a patient's bone cells to intertwine with the irregular metal finish, which holds the implants securely in place.
the coils intertwine with one another like strands of spaghetti
Calls for peace intertwine with calls for arms.
These junctions are cunningly woven: the twin strands go separate ways along different edges, where they intertwine with new strands.
The scenery couldn't match what had come earlier and, as the trail began to intertwine with a disused railway line, so the signs disappeared.