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interstitial / внутритканевой, промежуточный, образующий щели
имя прилагательное
intermediate, interim, intermediary, transitional, medium, interstitial
образующий щели
имя прилагательное
of, forming, or occupying interstices.
the interstitial space
Thus, the analysis should not be unfamiliar to scholars in either Cultural Studies or the Sociology of Sport, for it occupies a largely unmapped interstitial space between the two.
Both foggy white boxes contain one sealed inner box, flowing interstitial foyer space and, as finale, a single punctured window aligned with one or other of the adjacent hills that cradle San Sebastian.
This interstitial space would become a sliver between the new glassy condo tower and the ‘worth-keeping’ old tower in Lucien Lagrange's design.
Other animals such as echinoderms and interstitial worms can attach and let go on a time scale of seconds.
Through the interstitial spaces of those rows, segments of the winding hard-edged lines can be seen.
The unconsolidated sediments in running water are an important interstitial habitat; in many cases, the interstitial aquatic genera overlap those found in caves.
All macrodasyids are marine interstitial animals that live between sand grains to which they adhere with the aid of adhesive tubules that are distributed along their whole body.
Held in place by steel flanges and lined internally with horizontal planks of pine, the segmented lead roof casings curve out and extend down the flanks of the halls, creating interstitial space for escape stairs.
Without decent wages, too often our populations have to dip into the grey interstitial corners of making a living to survive and to deal with bare versions of what allows human beings to emerge without immense psychic and physical damage.
How important are rotifers to the ecology of springs and soils, interstitial , and periphytic habitats?