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interstice / промежуток, щель, расщелина
имя существительное
interval, gap, space, lapse, distance, interstice
gap, slot, slit, crack, crevice, interstice
cleft, crevice, fissure, crack, chimney, interstice
имя существительное
an intervening space, especially a very small one.
sunshine filtered through the interstices of the arching trees
It has also occultized and enigmatized itself in their image in order to open up and clear to the way to a particular void, to a certain non-sense - unlike the media which remains relentlessly bent on filling up all interstices .
They appeared in mid-1989 precisely at the interstices of these two periods, at one of those liminal moments when new possibilities and alternative arrangements seem most readily available.
In other words, it seeks to understand de-temporalisation and de-spatialisation: interstices , gaps and fragments.
The settlers' amateur dramatic production inserts the relationship between the Irish and the Norwegians into the interstices of this Irish-Afro connection.
But for those who were alive before this hyperactive culture grew up around us, it was during those interstices of life's activities that we breathed, relaxed, observed, thought things over.
One always hopes that the ordering of poems in a book adds to their individual strength, breeding meaning in the interstices ; but it is actually quite rare to see it in a first collection, as the poet is concentrating so much on specifics.
Meanwhile, with all this traveling, my net access has been frustratingly erratic, and I've had frustratingly few of those little chunks of blogging time in the interstices of my schedule.
One of the energetic obstacles to membrane fusion is represented by the void interstices that form at the neck of the stalk.
Compressed in the foreground, the grid stretches or meanders across the surface as if it has all the time in the world, while from within its interstices the muted ground sparkles with a kind of inner life.
The trick involves searching out the city's interstices , which exist in time as well as space.