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interstate / межштатный, находящийся между штатами, относящийся к разным штатам
имя прилагательное
находящийся между штатами
относящийся к разным штатам
имя прилагательное
existing or carried on between states.
interstate travel
имя существительное
one of a system of expressways covering the 48 contiguous states.
a picnic area just off the interstate
Additional vaccinations, heartworm testing, preventative medication, and/or a health certificate may be needed for interstate travel.
They argued that it was enough that the communications in that case travelled by means of an instrument of interstate commerce, such as the phone system.
In fact, it was a ticket for interstate travel from Queensland to New South Wales and back but we did not know that, your Honour.
Reed defines them both as ‘professionals’ in the sense that they made a living primarily from carrying on interstate trade by sea for a significant period of their lives.
The Galleria is south of Butler between Philips Highway and the interstate .
Congress could have been much broader here: they could have made the conduct a crime when it occurs anywhere in the U.S. so long as the image travels in interstate commerce.
I'd actually like to be able to come down for MIFF, but both festivals fall during the final two or three weeks of second semester and it's hard enough working around classes let alone around interstate travel!
And there were restrictions placed on interstate travel.
Under federal law, states were prohibited from imposing segregation in interstate travel.
Because of the distances involved, and the changes in railway gauges between the states, some 80-90% of Australian interstate trade was carried by sea.