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intersperse / разнообразить, пересыпать, вкрапливать
diversify, vary, enliven, variegate, intersperse, checker
intersperse, lard, empty, interlard
intersperse, sprinkle, pepper
scatter among or between other things; place here and there.
interspersed between tragic stories are a few songs supplying comic relief
Trying to save the giant series created some odd results: one seemingly random image would intersperse itself all the way along.
But I want to intersperse the two because, if I keep doing dramatic things, they'll have to put me in a cage because I get so emotionally wrought up.
The roads are all so long, and pockets of tall buildings intersperse themselves with markets and shady alleys, and your planned route may easily be interrupted by a large flyover or highway suddenly obstructing your path.
Do they believe that offices, stores, and schools will scale themselves down and intersperse themselves nicely among these 5-acre homesites?
The song is highly varied - musical passages are freely interspersed with harsh grating ones.
She intersperses Fanny Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words with poignant letters to her brother, Felix.
Great stuff is interspersed with awful, stupid stuff on a bathroom wall.
A deer being chased by a wild dog, hurtling across some large featureless plain beneath a sky the deep blue-black of ink, interspersing its run with elegant bounds, that delicate prettiness even in its death-flight.
The green shapes were interspersed with a smaller number of blue shapes.
The track between Bolton Abbey and Embsay pushes alongside green fields, interspersed by pretty streams.