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interspace / промежуток, интервал
имя существительное
interval, gap, space, lapse, distance, interspace
interval, spacing, span, gap, space, interspace
делать промежутки
заполнять промежутки
отделять промежутками
имя существительное
a space between objects.
volcanic rock that has been crushed into fragments and the interspaces filled with turquoise and oxide of iron
put or occupy a space between.
the great four-story houses were interspaced with the ramshackle cottages of the workmen
The demands of security, weather protection, and access to two internal and three external spaces, result in the interspace becoming a reluctant middle.
Insertion should be within the ‘triangle of safety’ through the fifth interspace .
The light and heat of the sun; these are composed of minute atoms which, when they are shoved off, lose no time in shooting right across the interspace of air in the direction imparted by the shove.
From the seed rain perspective, seed density was significantly different among microhabitats, with open interspaces collecting few, if any, seeds, and places under source trees receiving the highest densities.
Some of these coarsely plicated specimens have right central and anterior plicae bifurcated into two minor folds and have narrow secondary plicae in the interspaces of the left valves.
In the Nevada species the costae are more dense, with narrower interspaces and less of a tendency for medial intercalation.
Consequently, this size-dependent pattern of dispersal could make successful recruitment more likely under Q. coccifera and less likely in open interspaces than would be expected based only on microhabitat suitability.
In contrast to this site, La Parrilla is a well-preserved scrubland with dense and large patches composed of tall scrubs, small trees, and vines, separated by open interspaces .
In both of these species axial ribs are present only in the interspaces .
Following the results of the seed rain analysis, cover type was categorized in three classes: species with dense foliage, species with sparse foliage, or open interspaces .