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intersection / пересечение, перекресток, точка пересечения
имя существительное
intersection, crossing, traversal, confluence, decussation, conflux
intersection, crossroads, crossroad, crossing, junction, crossway
точка пересечения
intersection, junction, cusp
имя существительное
a point or line common to lines or surfaces that intersect.
the intersection of a plane and a cone
The track in the roadway through the middle of the intersection of Heidelberg Road and the aptly named Chandler Highway has been long since paved over.
In 1873 he proved an important result on the intersection of two algebraic curves.
If you are turning left at a road intersection , stay in the left-hand lane even if you have to follow a slow-moving vehicle for a short distance.
Ordinary news consumers were thus directed to the intersection of those two groups.
Even the traffic policeman at the intersection of the two roads was in a mellow mood.
If all the vertices of a hexagon lie on a conic, and if the opposite sides intersect, then the points of intersection lie on a line.
At the key intersection the road signs direct travelers to either continue west or turn south.
the intersection of a plane and a cone
Their solution is effectively produced by the intersection of a circle and a rectangular hyperbola.
The intersection of Park Road and Highway 12 is the riskiest in Steinbach, a survey prepared for city council shows.