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interrupter / прерыватель
имя существительное
breaker, chopper, interrupter, circuit breaker, vibrator, ticker
имя существительное
a person or thing that interrupts.
Alas, he makes nonsense of the whole thing by making the interrupters working-class busybodies of our own time, who would be watching Corrie rather than spending £20 a head heckling an ancient play.
For safety, the circuit should have a ground fault circuit interrupter .
The electrical code requires that outlets in the bathroom by protected by a ground-fault interrupter .
The interrupter flicked his cigarette angrily and paced behind the main-talker.
The redhead lost his step and whipped around furiously to his interrupter only to have his lips met by another pair.
The other person - the interrupter - didn't say much either.
I turned to the (extremely rude) interrupter sharply.
Depending how you planned your workshop, make sure to set up individual outlets for your large power equipment with ground fault circuit interrupter to prevent any electrical shocks from occurring.
Taking at least a few minutes to try to understand Jay's insult, then giving up, Courtni glared at her supposedly inferior interrupter , enraged, but, forcing those feelings aside, faced a visibly impatient Ryan.
They are workers, after all, and the photographer, he and I agree in discussion, is not so much an intruder as an interrupter .
The ground fault circuit interrupter protects the user by shutting off the power when water splashes up onto the outlet.