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interrupt / прерывание
имя существительное
interrupt, interruption, breaking
interrupt, discontinue, break, intercept, break in, cut off
interrupt, break, catch
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, hinder
interfere, intervene, meddle, tamper, step in, interrupt
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, interrupt
stop the continuous progress of (an activity or process).
the buzzer interrupted his thoughts
break the continuity of (a line or surface).
the coastal plain is interrupted by chains of large lagoons
Adding the facades will cause tank crewmen to anticipate when the obstacles will obscure their view and interrupt their gun-target line.
It is hard to imagine a more isolated and remote spot, set in the heart of the open Suffolk countryside where few landmarks interrupt the flat horizon.
Tall as it is, there are no pillars to hold up its glazed roof, or to interrupt the view of MSPs or their audience.
There are no powerlines to interrupt the vistas, and snowmobiles are not allowed on these trails, as they are on most others in the Black Hills.
My father sent me to a boys' school in Manila; he was no longer willing, he said, to let the war interrupt my education.
Let your child cope in his or her own way - don't interrupt the process.
There was no attempt to disarm them or in any way interrupt their activities.
Most people will be highly complimented if you don't interrupt them until they're through.
The architects even specified that plastered surfaces were to have no joint markings that would visually interrupt their continuity.
There is a lot to tell you so please do not interrupt me until I am done.