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interrogative / вопросительный
имя прилагательное
interrogative, interrogatory, quizzical
имя существительное
вопросительное слово
inquiry, inquest, quest, disquisition, interrogative
имя прилагательное
having or conveying the force of a question.
a hard, interrogative stare
имя существительное
a word used in questions, such as how or what.
But imperatives, interrogatives and declaratives are grammatical forms, while demanding action or requesting or giving information are semantic roles.
Whatever the reason, I'll be wishing him well because, in our adversarial, interrogative culture, there's still a place for Parkinson's gentlemanly, self-effacing approach.
This question maintains its relentless interrogative behind every serious poem written in Ireland since 1972.
Such feelings carry a moral interrogative that points to social and individual wounds and to shared ideas about justice, accountability, and punishment that hold a social fabric together.
But a fair number of people leave out the question marks (for example here, here, and here), which suggests that the interrogative force isn't obvious.
All the suggestibility scores were highly elevated and indicate that he tends to give in very readily to leading questions and interrogative pressure.
Both dissident reading and the resistant readings which we will look at later are interrogative discourses which recognize and work within the staple ingredients of imperial narrative.
Understanding these fundamental questions is critical to understanding interrogative cell signaling.
In addition, accusative case on who does not typically survive when the word is shunted to the beginning of an interrogative or relative clause.
In other instances, contact with NPCs is unavoidable, as there are some who hold vital information, such as door codes, which can be coaxed out of them by interrogative means.
The declension of the adjective interrogative pronoun is like that of the relative one.