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interracial / межрасовый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
existing between or involving different races.
interracial conflict
Its value in the furtherance of interracial goodwill and understanding is one that cannot be overestimated.
So we simply took the next leap to say that if interracial interactions are stressful, then do they subsequently impair cognition?
In 1947 he organized a trip by bus that took an interracial group of volunteers from the North to the South.
Working in an interracial coalition can be a difficult and humbling experience, but also a sweet one.
Another wing of the labor movement invariably helped lay the foundation for interracial cooperation.
Remember when it was against the law for interracial couples to marry?
Their interracial marriage drew few stares and no discernible backlash.
Getting onto the point, this is a battle of races, an interracial war you might say.
Despite the increase in the numbers of interracial families, societal acceptance is still limited.
And the novels do more than demonstrate the importance of interracial labor solidarity.