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interpretation / интерпретация, толкование, перевод
имя существительное
interpretation, exegesis, light, exegetics
interpretation, exegesis, explanation, reading, exposition, rendition
transfer, translation, shifting, interpretation, conversion, remittance
имя существительное
the action of explaining the meaning of something.
the interpretation of data
All understanding is interpretation and interpretation is essentially linguistic.
The Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is a jewel for creative interpretation .
Under their strict interpretation of Islam it could include death sentences.
his unique interpretation of the Liszt études
Exactly what he meant by that is open to a whole lot of interpretation .
This doctrine lives on today as one of many maxims for contractual interpretation .
He apparently did not explain what he meant, so it's open to interpretation .
I think it is giving this definition far too wide an interpretation .
Judges are constrained in how they declare the law and in their interpretation of the law.
The atmospheric exhibition will showcase the best in new display technology, design and interpretation .