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interposition / вмешательство, посредничество, нахождение
имя существительное
intervention, interference, interposition, interposal
mediation, intermediation, agency, intercession, medium, interposition
location, standing, interposal, interposition
имя существительное
the action of interposing someone or something.
the interposition of members between tiers of management
Calhoun always portrayed nullification as a process designed to preserve the union, but he himself acknowledged that secession could follow interposition if repeated abuses of the Constitution went uncorrected.
the interposition of members between tiers of management
We therefore earnestly solicit your Christian interposition to discourage and prevent so obvious an Evil, in such manner as under the influence of Divine Wisdom you shall see meet.
Aristotle construed the deductive stage of scientific inquiry as the interposition of middle terms between the subject and predicate terms of the statement to be proved.
This idea supported Calhoun's doctrine of interposition or nullification, in which the state governments could refuse to enforce or comply with a policy of the Federal government that threatened the vital interests of the states.
But you have brought separate proceedings seeking, primarily, declarations, also injunctive relief, which would involve your interference or your interposition in the contractual rights of other persons.
A traditional peacekeeping operation is established when parties to a conflict, typically two states, agree to the interposition of UN troops to uphold a ceasefire.
The storm that stopped the assault was a remarkable interposition of providence.
prevented from taking your life by the interposition of your wife
The trial judge held that the interposition of the management corporation had no bona fide business purpose other than the reduction of income tax.