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interpose / вставлять, вмешиваться, вклиниваться
insert, inset, interpose, paste, embed, plug
interfere, intervene, meddle, tamper, step in, interpose
interpose, be wedged in
place or insert between one thing and another.
he interposed himself between her and the top of the stairs
intervene between parties.
the legislature interposed to suppress these amusements
I should interpose that there was some doubt on the evidence that the money to be provided by S & F for the purchase consideration under the share sale agreement ever did move in its pre-determined circle.
Needless to say, these same critics will then have new objections to interpose .
It was admitted, that in case the guardians should misbehave, the Court might interpose , upon a presumption, that the testator himself would not have entrusted the guardians with this power, had he foreseen they would have abused it.
Who am I to interpose in the delicately poised quadrille of consumers and the fulfillers of dreams?
I interpose to note that stage 1 is when the facts are found and stage 2 is when the panel decide whether they amount to serious professional misconduct and what the appropriate penalty should be if they do.
if I might interpose a personal remark here
if I might interpose a personal remark here
Now again an angel might interpose , between Abraham and his maundering delusion that he must slaughter his second son, Isaac.
Among the economic élite the fear spread that the USSR would interpose between the defeat of Germany and the Anglo-Saxon victory with consequences which would be felt both inside and outside Italy.
I interpose : he had been a moderate but regular smoker to about 1991.