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interpolate / интерполировать, вставлять слова, вставлять замечания
вставлять слова
вставлять замечания
insert (something) between fixed points.
illustrations were interpolated in the text
Additionally, he tends to repeat these statements from week to week, waiting for the pause in the conversation so he can interpolate them.
I pause to interpolate , the witness answers on the basis that it could have been.
I should interpolate that his friends generally read to him to save his eyes.
He didn't cut the score, or interpolate pop songs into it; it really was ‘Bohème.’
The viewer feels he has seen enough variety to allow the imagination to interpolate all potential additional variations.
He would interpolate values between his data points and he did this using a cubic interpolation formula.
Her effort was not merely to interpolate folk sayings in her novels; it was to write fiction according to the aesthetic principles that undergirded oral culture.
This means that instead of having to interpolate the values of neighbouring pixels the X3 sensor ‘sees’ full colour at individual pixel locations.
We had no TV, so we had no idea what a Sobers sweep or a Hall bouncer actually looked like; we were left to interpolate between newspaper stills and glossies from cricket books.
If I could just interpolate there, when one sees the definition of act in the Northern Territory Code, the way in which it is expressed is: in relation to an accused person, means the deed alleged to have been done by him…