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interplay / взаимодействие
имя существительное
interaction, cooperation, interplay, teamwork, reciprocity, intercommunion
имя существительное
the way in which two or more things have an effect on each other.
the interplay between inheritance and learning
With smooth transitions of tone and mood, their interplay was one of perfection.
Time is temporally suspended through there being a lack of reciprocal interplay between subject and object.
Its simple and lucid narrative is aglow with moments and charged yet contained interplay of emotions.
But although there's plenty of interplay here, none of it really raises the hairs on your arms.
The complex interplay between the various forces involved results in a rapidly changing picture.
This interplay of repartee and rhythm kept the audience totally entertained.
Still, if I were to say there is no sexual interplay in figure photography, that would not be honest.
Anti-discrimination laws might seem at first sight to not to affect this interplay of small corrections, but they do.
They show has interplay of earthen tones in dark and light shades, creating a stunning effect.
The flirting, the teasing, just the whole interplay between them is great.