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interpersonal / межличностные
  • interpersonal communication - межличностная коммуникация
имя прилагательное
of or relating to relationships or communication between people.
you will need good interpersonal skills
She also thrived on speech classes and classes in interpersonal communications.
My guess would be that Tom is a little off, when it comes to interpersonal relationships.
Snipers generally have poor interpersonal relations but do not stand out in the crowd.
Open plan living can have a profound and potentially disastrous effect on interpersonal relationships.
The acceptance of rape myths is related to sex role stereotypes and an acceptance of interpersonal violence.
Whites tend to view race relations - their interpersonal relationships with others - as important.
In this statement, there is not a word about improving the patient's interpersonal relationships.
Laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships.
Furthermore, interpersonal relationships in Asia Pacific are based on reciprocity and return of favours.
Men and women who are good managers should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.