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interoperable / совместимых
оперативно совместимый
имя прилагательное
(of computer systems or software) able to exchange and make use of information.
The company says the software will also be interoperable with Java application server standards.
These end systems are stable, interoperable , and well understood throughout the IT community.
Open standards software products are designed to be interoperable with software from other manufacturers, but can be proprietary technologies.
They just want information technology to be interoperable , seamless, and less expensive.
Network new product development goes beyond just using interoperable software.
Therefore, the solution must also take care of packaging and exchanging such context information in an interoperable manner.
This concept is the vision of interoperable searching among state systems, based on uniform standards, profiles and best practices.
In high-rises, for example, there is a requirement that the fire system be interoperable with other systems.
It's a good start, with many a hurdle to overcome, nevertheless the question of being able to make interoperable mobile payments will ultimately affect us all.
The basic picture is that we have a groups of families of interoperable software tools with lots of overlap.
The standards and protocols used to access the Web are well defined and mature, making it fairly simple to achieve fully interoperable systems.