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internecine / междоусобный, смертоносный, кровопролитный
имя прилагательное
deadly, lethal, murderous, killing, homicidal, internecine
sanguinary, slaughterous, sanguineous, gory, internecine
имя прилагательное
destructive to both sides in a conflict.
the region's history of savage internecine warfare
Are we not watching with great interest the little internecine fights that are already developing within their caucus?
I and many others rely on your expertise regarding the middle east and I don't want to see your credibility damaged by internecine warfare, at which we on the left seem to be very accomplished.
The deliberately thin plot involving a missing spy satellite thingy and internecine warfare between American intelligence agencies can be totally ignored by adults and children alike and the movie's all the better for it.
Clerical internecine strife and electoral machination under Anne caused another tidal wave of Whig anticlerical legislation in the 1730s.
He may have had in mind the internecine squabbling among the various divisions within Judaism or within Orthodoxy itself.
However, they should remember that the last time a party leader was thrown out by her own MPs, that party suffered internecine warfare for over a decade and slumped in the polls.
Both networks limited their coverage of critiques and dissent to internecine schisms within these traditions.
And the Conservatives have no stomach for an ideological fight, only for internecine warfare.
In some cases, these articles are motivated by internecine disputes within the American right.
But in spite of the fact that internecine warfare is fun to watch, it rarely bodes well for the country.