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internationalism / интернационализм
имя существительное
имя существительное
the state or process of being international.
the internationalism of popular music
the principles of any of the four Internationals.
In the mid-1920s Stalin, who was by then the ruling party leader, abandoned the Bolsheviks' previous internationalism .
Only a party based on the program of socialist internationalism and dedicated to the struggle for social equality can legitimately claim to represent the working class.
the internationalism of popular music
How did he square his socialist internationalism with his love of England and the contempt he felt for the leftist intellectuals who skedaddled to America when war broke out in 1939?
Will the struggles against global capitalism go forward on the program of socialist internationalism or will they be diverted into the blind alley of reactionary nationalism?
He articulates internationalism with an ardor that was notably wobbly when he was in the White House.
American workers will find no other way to solve the problems arising out of the crisis of capitalism except along the path of socialism and internationalism .
According to the author, this departure from internationalism will have grave consequences for the future of the United States in world affairs.
In fact that internationalism is deeply rooted in British traditions.
Casablanca is the Mediterranean commercial center of Morocco, a center of tourism and French culture and internationalism .
We Marxists take as one of our starting-points the rejection of nationalism in favor of a higher principle, internationalism , the solidarity of the peoples of the world.