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internal / внутренний, душевный, сокровенный
имя прилагательное
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, inland
soulful, sincere, heartwarming, heartful, internal
inmost, intimate, inner, occult, cryptic, internal
имя прилагательное
of or situated on the inside.
the tube had an internal diameter of 1.1 mm
имя существительное
inner parts or features.
all the weapon's internals are well finished and highly polished
The cushions are suspended in the canal by a connective tissue framework derived from the internal anal sphincter and longitudinal muscle.
It is best suited to businesses that need the special capabilities of an internal digital telephone system.
The semi-detached bungalow's roof was blown off, the front windows were blown out and the main gable wall and internal rear wall were both blown down.
The premises of multiculturalism don't even permit asking whether reasons internal to the groups themselves might account for differences in outcomes.
A career in advertising can be pursued with good conscience when the good internal to the practice of advertising is creating these positive exchanges.
And second, it's probably not good to intervene in the internal affairs of a nation that is looking for a worthy path of development.
These responses can occur when materials containing latex come into contact with the skin, mucous membranes, or internal tissues.
But at least it would not be within internal management of the system.
In a sense, the European Union has no internal policies.
It holds in body heat and cushions your internal organs against injury.