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intermix / смешивать, смешиваться, перемешивать
mix, confuse, blend, mingle, mix up, intermix
mix, blend, mingle, intermingle, combine, intermix
mix, jumble, agitate, medley, shuffle, intermix
mix together.
the ore had to be handled so that it was not inadvertently intermixed with other material
And he hasn't given us any reason to intermix those races.
along its southern edge low trees intermix with the shrubs
Images disintegrate, intermix or transform into new forms within a multi-layered environment.
along its southern edge low trees intermix with the shrubs
Our attitudes towards life intermix , along with our attitudes towards relationships.
Colors are completely intermixable so a large dye inventory is not necessary.
Here the small town atmosphere is intermixed with the comforts of a metropolis.
There was a flood, and it did exhume a graveyard where Confederate and Union soldiers were intermixed .
As the day progressed, the groups were intermixed to give everyone an opportunity to meet and mingle.
The local radio station intermixed carefully conservative country music with community news and the farm and ranch report.