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intermittent / прерывистый, перемежающийся, скачкообразный
имя прилагательное
intermittent, discontinuous, broken, fitful
intermittent, alternating, alternate, fitful, discontinuous, remittent
intermittent, saltatory
имя прилагательное
occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or steady.
intermittent rain
The pain can vary in occurrence and be mild and intermittent , or more pronounced and steady.
His sleep was fitful and intermittent , and he soon rose from bed to go and see his son.
It is often accompanied by intermittent periods of stiffness that is related to muscle guarding.
Today we've had intermittent heavy showers, complete with a rainbow.
I don't care if rain is patchy or scattered or intermittent or coming in from an easterly direction.
Last year, the bollard hit the news again when it was plagued by intermittent mechanical problems and a new motor was fitted.
Power, water and other essential services are intermittent at best.
Not even intermittent rain, lack of sponsorship, or a faulty sound system could stop the fun had by all.
The sound can be of any pitch or type, continuous or intermittent .
I had intermittent hot and cold flushes, uncontrollable shivers and shakes and a burning sore throat.