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intermission / перерыв, антракт, пауза
имя существительное
break, interruption, pause, interval, rest, intermission
intermission, interval, interlude, entracte, entr'acte, interact
pause, break, interval, rest, stop, intermission
имя существительное
a pause or break.
he was granted an intermission in his studies
At the intermission I asked my mum how she enjoyed it.
During the intermission you are considered to be a student of the university for the period of the intermission.
During intermission , Michael and Ashley visited the backstage area, where the musicians rested until the finale of the concert.
Your intermission will not be approved until this has been done.
the daily work goes on without intermission
First onstage following the intermission was a single dancer wearing a flight attendant's uniform.
Students studying at Monash on a student visa can only apply for an intermission if they have a medical condition or there is a serious illness in the family.
Vacation literally means an intermission , a period of rest, a break from routine, a time for recreation or a pause from work.
I only did that with 3 or 4 minutes left to go in the intermission .
If you are a candidate for a doctoral degree or masters by research, you may apply for an intermission of studies.