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intermingle / смешиваться, смешивать, перемешиваться
mix, blend, mingle, intermingle, combine, intermix
mix, confuse, blend, mingle, mix up, intermingle
intermix, intermingle, interfuse
mix or mingle together.
daisies intermingled with huge expanses of gorse and foxgloves
Since all of these groups shared social and religious practices, their beadwork styles tend to intermingle .
The above are safe and effective ways to intermingle with others without having to feel pressured.
In contrast, in societies that allow the two sexes to intermingle freely, there are two main problems.
The light and the dark intermingle to form the pattern of redemption and salvation.
Where paths intersect, intermingle , and converge, they reveal affiliations, associations, communities, commonalities.
Spaniards tend to form smaller communities, which intermingle and marry into the main culture so that by the second generation they tend to be quite assimilated.
Using these images, she intermingles tales of the past with stories from residents now living in the area.
Fantasy and reality have always intermingled in Lancaster's works.
The shouting started again, but this time intermingled with sounds of laughter.
Their shadows fell on the ground together, mixed and intermingled .