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interminable / бесконечный, вечный
имя прилагательное
endless, infinite, unending, perpetual, interminable, eternal
eternal, everlasting, perpetual, timeless, perennial, interminable
имя прилагательное
endless (often used hyperbolically).
we got bogged down in interminable discussions
I anticipated interminable delays in taking our orders but I was wrong.
Later his name appears in the papers, he is forced to move house because of death threats and he can't find work due to an interminable police inquiry.
Most people are likely tired of the interminable debate over outsourcing.
After a while these interminable lists acquire a certain ghoulish fascination, prompting a host of other questions.
At least this would be less boring than those interminable slide shows he gave us in days gone by.
At times, the delays for relatives and victims have seemed interminable .
This is an interminable argument that must be decided situationally.
Then we waited for the interminable paperwork that accompanies getting bumped.
Having navigated those hurdles we then have the interminable drive South.
There was the usual interminable discussion about it at half time and afterwards.