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intermezzo / интермеццо, интермедия
имя существительное
interlude, sideshow, intermezzo, parenthesis, turn
имя существительное
a short connecting instrumental movement in an opera or other musical work.
After about 1750 the intermezzo evolved further into opera buffa.
The intermezzo from his frivolous opera Hary Janos is considered one of his most entertaining scores.
It's funny, having known the chorus and the intermezzo well for years, I realised I only properly listened to the whole opera in order to write this blog entry.
After about 1750 the intermezzo evolved further into opera buffa.
Later, there was a tradition to have intermedi / intermezzi between the acts of a play (most notably in Florence).
Opera fans will be entertained by some of the world's favourite arias and intermezzos performed by acclaimed artists.
Indeed, the two concert suites by Purcell and Mufas, that the orchestra played as intermezzos , sounded as if written for keyboards instead of strings.
The middle movements, intermezzos both, are characterised by mellow string and woodwind playing.
It is worth remembering that intermezzos were never really supposed to contain the musical highlights of an evening.