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interlude / интерлюдия, интермедия, антракт
имя существительное
interlude, sideshow, intermezzo, parenthesis, turn
intermission, interval, interlude, entracte, entr'acte, interact
имя существительное
an intervening period of time.
enjoying a lunchtime interlude
something performed during a theater intermission.
an orchestral interlude
Okay, I made that part up, but in all seriousness some people were happy with the romantic interlude while others not so much.
an orchestral interlude
Their trip included six days in a game park followed by a jaunt to Zambia and Botswana, broken up by an interlude in Africa's answer to Vegas, Sun City.
When she'd finally calmed down, she'd actually enjoyed her interlude with the leafy thing.
Tonight there will be a Tanwood School of Performing Arts 60th anniversary show, with an interlude performance from the Moloney School of Irish Dancing, at the Arts Centre in Devizes Road.
The mournful saxophone appears again in an interlude before the short second movement.
What does he say to his wife after a romantic interlude ?
The plot in this play is difficult to follow, but the minimal dialogue, emphasis on visuals and musical interlude performed on stage by the actors makes it offbeat enough to enjoy.
He wants to show that Labour can be a ‘natural’ party of government and not just a brief, fractious interlude between long periods of Conservatism.
A drop of oil on a pillowcase will tantalise the senses for a romantic interlude , or help to lull you off to sleep.