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interior / интерьер, внутренность, внутренняя сторона
имя существительное
interior, inside, core
внутренняя сторона
inside, interior, inward, within
имя прилагательное
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, inland
имя прилагательное
situated within or inside; relating to the inside; inner.
the interior lighting is not adequate
remote from the coast or frontier; inland.
the interior jungle regions
existing or taking place in the mind or soul; mental.
an interior monologue
имя существительное
the inner or indoor part of something, especially a building; the inside.
six men painting the outside of her house and three men painting the interior
the inland part of a country or region.
the plains of the interior
The DOS hold nine of the portfolios including ministerial post for the economy, foreign affairs and the interior .
Work is currently underway to convert the interior of the shop so that it is identical to the bar in the oscar-winning film.
If this is not possible, take shelter inside a windowless, interior room in the house.
In return, however, it has taken 17 of 30 ministerial posts, including the key positions of foreign affairs, defence and interior .
This conformity consists in being like him; first in his exterior mysteries, which were like sacraments of the interior mysteries he was to bring about in souls.
The ministers of defense, interior and foreign affairs are all from the same area.
I spent many years making mechanicals by hand and they truly are a reflection of the interior mind of their creator.
Its members will include the ministers of interior and People's Assembly affairs, as well as three former judges and three independent public figures.
Paul chuckled, surveying the leather interior of my car.
Americans dreamed of opening the interior of their continent with canals as early as the eighteenth century.