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intergovernmental / межправительственный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or conducted between two or more governments.
an intergovernmental conference
More recently, the counterattack of the European Council and the intergovernmental machinery has put this story in question.
intergovernmental relations deteriorated
When regional or global intergovernmental organizations become the focus for policy-making, then NGOs seek to influence the proceedings.
This process is to culminate in another intergovernmental conference in 2004, leading to yet another treaty.
A number of intergovernmental conventions had been agreed; others were awaiting ratification or under negotiation.
The task should be referred to an intergovernmental committee of the nation states, and the same structure should be available for defence, foreign and home affairs.
What is the source of the rules or standards under which governmental, intergovernmental , and nongovernmental organizations evaluate and criticize a state?
As such, the powers of member states and the intergovernmental dimension of the European Union have been privileged in the field of CFSP.
Yet no intergovernmental consensus for radical change exists.
A new intergovernmental conference could cut out the most controversial parts, making it more palatable to British tastes.