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intergalactic / межгалактический
  • intergalactic space - межгалактическое пространство
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or situated between two or more galaxies.
intergalactic gas
Nestled between matter-rich filaments and superclusters are ‘voids’ of intergalactic space.
The massive forces of the merging clusters accelerated intergalactic gas to great speeds.
The hot gas pours out of this hole, spewing energy and superheated particles into the halo and sometimes beyond, into intergalactic space.
But scientists worried that intergalactic dust, rather than distance, could account for the dimming.
We will soon be making contact with beings that are interstellar, intergalactic , and interdimensional.
In their work, domestic objects floated through the apertures of a make believe house, and continued their journey into intergalactic space.
Scientologists have already named it their intergalactic leader.
On their way to Earth, the X-rays from a distant quasar dim as they pass through a cloud of the intergalactic gas.
Its benefits included intergalactic space travel at warp speed.
As charged particles, cosmic rays are deflected by galactic and intergalactic magnetic fields during their travel to Earth.