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interference / помехи, вмешательство, интерференция
имя существительное
interference, stray, mush
intervention, interference, interposition, interposal
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the action of interfering or the process of being interfered with.
he denied that there had been any interference in the country's internal affairs
the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or canceled.
Atomic beams can act like light waves and exhibit all of the classic wave effects, like interference and refraction.
Originally draped in thick layers of glitches, radio interference and distorted noises, the title track eventually emerges as the most upbeat moment on here.
That didn't solve the problem; stations as far as 150 miles from one another suffered interference if they broadcast on the same channel.
The said equipment must not cause interference to others.
Pass interference is by far the most annoying exclusion.
an unwarranted interference with personal liberty
In this case, the destructive interference occurs for waves traveling in most directions, but not for those ultimately heading toward the focal point.
Buses and two wheeled vehicles would also benefit as the curbside lane becomes available to them without interference from pedestrians and slow vehicles.
Runners need to be educated as to what constitutes this type of interference that takes place around second base, baseball's combat zone.
Umpire Rich Carcia working right field saw no interference on the play although the call has been the subject of controversy ever since.
The literature supplied with these machines mentions potential interference by other reductants.