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interested / заинтересованный, корыстный, пристрастный
имя прилагательное
interested, concerned, engaged
mercenary, venal, sordid, interested, vendible
biased, partial, biassed, unfair, discriminatory, interested
имя прилагательное
showing curiosity or concern about something or someone; having a feeling of interest.
I had always been interested in history
having an interest or involvement; not impartial or disinterested.
seeking views from all interested parties
excite the curiosity or attention of (someone).
I thought the book might interest Eric
There are a lot of interested parties in terms of the Edinburgh property market.
would you be interested in going skiing?
I've never seen them and I'm interested to hear what kind of noise they make.
If you are interested please contact Peter or Denise at the Centre for further information.
We have many interested parties already involved in many countries and on all continents.
He said this would be done by working with local authorities and interested parties.
The tributes on this page are well worth a read, if you're interested .
I would be very interested to hear what teenagers thought of this show, put it that way.
But it is not only in the work of painters that the festival organisers are interested .
There is no question of the involvement of the interested party assisting in that way.