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interconnect / связывать, связываться
bind, associate, connect, bound, link, interconnect
connect, interconnect, talk, get
connect with each other.
the way human activities interconnect with the environment
имя существительное
a device used to connect two things together.
Device interconnects and methods of making the same are described.
Bluetooth is a specification that describes how computers and devices like mobile phones can easily interconnect with each other using a short-range wireless connection.
These new carriers must interconnect with both existing carriers and with each other to provide global service to their corporate customers.
This standard defines the rules for exchanging information between SCSI devices using a serial interconnect .
The two main reception rooms interconnect via double doors.
Other units were worked out to interconnect with the meter.
Two large rooms, originally a set of bedrooms, which interconnect through folding doors are off to the left.
The first type of cable is called an interconnect , which is used to connect various components together (such as a CD player to a receiver).
A copper interconnect is formed and electrically coupled to the integrated circuit component.
They interconnect with the castle architecture.
We recognize a diversity of living organisms in nature as the product of a historical process and whose parts interconnect with each other and with their environment.