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interchangeable / взаимозаменяемый, равнозначный, чередующийся
имя прилагательное
interchangeable, exchangeable, interconvertible, permutable
equivalent, interchangeable
alternate, rolling, interchangeable, rotational, rotative, alternant
имя прилагательное
(of two things) able to be interchanged.
eyepieces are interchangeable and one can use any eyepiece with any telescope
The songs, and the performances, were as indistinct and interchangeable as Ant and Dec.
I can only assume that he thinks the word ‘pagan’ is interchangeable with ‘immoral’, which it is not.
Kristeva comments upon the fluid, interchangeable identities of Proust's characters.
In the case of wood, the separate butt-stocks and forends appear to be identical and interchangeable .
Psychoanalytically speaking, the two events are very closely related, if not identical and interchangeable .
This technology is newer, tends to be more expensive and the devices and equipment are not compatible or interchangeable with the 802.11b standard.
Bodies and identities - and races, it seems - are interchangeable .
Still, I attempted to search for an identification figure among the morass of interchangeable horndogs.
There are three other girls just like her and they look so much alike under the layers of makeup they are almost interchangeable .
So I was paying $100 a day to a tour guide who, after twenty-seven years of living in Hamburg, had apparently concluded that English and German were interchangeable .