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interceptor / истребитель-перехватчик
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person or thing that stops or catches (someone or something) going from one place to another.
Approximately 4,600 small interceptors would be deployed in orbit, each capable of homing in on and destroying incoming hostile warheads.
Although the F - 14 Tomcat is relatively old, with the combination of both upgrades and its mix of weapons, it has kept its position as a formidable interceptor .
The pilot of the fighter shoots down an interceptor that would otherwise have shot down the bomber.
Surface water will be intercepted and silt traps and an oil interceptor , if required, will be installed to prevent suspended solids and oil/diesel from machinery discharging to streams.
The interceptor is too slow to get anywhere near to a real intercontinental missile.
This is a very important parameter for an interceptor attempting to engage an incoming enemy aircraft.
They investigated the viability of an alternative approach to solving the network problem by providing an interceptor along the route of the proposed inner relief road.
No attempts were made to resume the program, which initially envisaged a ramjet-powered interceptor and even a commercial aircraft.
These fighters were intended to operate as very fast, short-range interceptors .
The British set up dedicated warning nets to detect the incoming V1s and then sent out interceptors .
They scrambled fighter interceptors because they were tracking strange objects on radar making all kinds of radical maneuvers.