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intercede / ходатайствовать, заступаться, вступаться
petition, intercede, solicit, move, plead
intercede, intervene
intervene on behalf of another.
I begged him to intercede for Theresa, but he never did a thing
I begged him to intercede for Theresa, but he never did a thing
Claudio asks his sister, Isabella, to intercede on his behalf, but Angelo demands a higher price than she is prepared to pay.
Even so, many believe in the ability of ancestral spirits to influence events and intercede on behalf of kin.
Even worse, Antonio can't count on the Duke to intercede on his behalf.
The living can appeal to them in their prayers, asking them to intercede on their behalf.
I'm not about to intercede on the little monster's behalf.
They have to get a bankruptcy judge to intercede on their behalf.
At this point the seconds, attempting to intercede , begged the pair to stop.
I didn't intercede on the poor girl's behalf because it didn't seem to be that hard a question, and I thought she'd come through.
For that reason, the court could direct the government to intercede on behalf of the men earlier.