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interbreed / скрещиваться, скрещивать
interbreed, cross, hybridize, intersect, intercross
interbreed, cross, hybridize, crossbreed, intersect, mix
(with reference to an animal) breed or cause to breed with another of a different race or species.
wolves and dogs can interbreed
If this process goes on long enough, parent and daughter species can no longer interbreed , and there results a new species.
These wild oxen appear to have made no detectable contribution to the domestic gene pool; they did not interbreed with their domestic contemporaries.
This helps explain why the success of hybrids is so variable and also why some species can, and others cannot, interbreed .
Because they are free to interbreed , the wild stock is of more or less mixed origin.
wolves and dogs can interbreed
These races can interbreed but they never produce halfbreeds.
wolves and dogs can interbreed
Farmed fish regularly and in increasing numbers escape into the wild where they interbreed , spread diseases to native species and dilute the natural gene pool.
The populations in the various parts of the world ocean are all genetically separate subspecies and, while they may co-mingle in breeding grounds, they rarely if ever interbreed .
As a result, the fly provides the first evidence that two different animal species can interbreed and evolve into a new, distinct animal if their hybrid moves to a new habitat, the study suggests.