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interactive / интерактивный, диалоговый
имя прилагательное
interactive, on-line
dialog, dialogue, interactive, conversational, on-line
имя прилагательное
(of two people or things) influencing or having an effect on each other.
fully sighted children in interactive play with others with defective vision
The icon means there is an interactive calculator in this section.
It is more like an interactive computer adventure-game than an Ordnance Survey sheet.
The campaign will also include radio and magazine advertising and an interactive firework safety computer game.
Whereas print and TV media is linear and one-way the internet is interactive and responsive.
Presenter Hafsa Mossi will coordinate all interactive discussions from a studio in Nairobi.
It'll take an awful lot more than a few interactive websites to sort that mess out.
So, classes should be interactive , the teacher more a facilitator than a figure of authority.
The museum also has a community fire safety room, with an interactive exhibit of a fire-damaged bedroom.
A Braintree couple narrowly failed to win the UK's first interactive wedding.
We used spatial interactive modelling methods to reflect the influence of supply on usage.