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interaction / взаимодействие
имя существительное
interaction, cooperation, interplay, teamwork, reciprocity, intercommunion
имя существительное
reciprocal action or influence.
ongoing interaction between the two languages
The interaction with the first entangled light beam meant the original laser beam was lost in the process.
We want to encourage interaction between local people and people in the centres.
There is no human contact, just interaction between text and the reader.
There is a lot of interaction between boys and girls, rural kids and town kids and also the parents.
Globalization of economies means interaction between them on a much higher scale.
There will be no need or time for interaction between the two sets of pupils.
She said a key theme was the interaction between the private and voluntary sectors.
ongoing interaction between the two languages
It is the quantum theory that describes the interaction between light and electric and magnetic forces.
The interaction between land and sea is not dealt with very well in any other game of which I know.